On the 7th September 2014, Love Is All We Need held its ninth Hair 4 Love event at Stone Hair Hove in East Sussex, Kamyko in Somerset, and Hair Poetry in Cape Town.

Stone Hair Hove raised over £4,000 and with the other 2 salons the total so far is over £6,000 with money still coming in from raffle tickets and online donations.


Throwing together creativity and relaxation with a whole heap of generosity. All teams whole-heartedly gave their time and skills towards creating a phenomenally successful annual event. 


Bev Wills (trustee), was absolutely delighted with how the event went, saying: "This year's Hair 4 Love was a phenomenal success, with the joint effort of three teams in two different countries raising much-needed funds for the children of the Sweetwaters community in South Africa. We're incredibly grateful to our dedicated volunteers and everyone who came along and supported us, helping top last year's total by such a long way! Next year will be Hair 4 Love's 10th anniversary, and we are confident it's going to be even bigger."

The photos of the wonderful day including evidence of the brave men who undertook the Extreme Hair waxing challenge are now available on Flickr.

Next year, for our 10th anniversary, we are hoping to have TEN salons running their own events simultaneously. If you're a salon owner who would be interested in getting involved please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Bev's visited to the Hope Centre 2016 | Story 1

    Bev's visited to the Hope Centre 2016 | Story 1

      Bev, one of our founding trustees, had the delight of spending two months in South Africa early this year.  She spent lots of time at the Hope Centre, both speaking with Gail ( who runs the centre) , and being with the kids. She has so many stories and special times to share with us all, we're gonna share stories over the next newsletters. Here is her first account : I love the Hope Centre , and this visit was just gonna be so special.  Lisa ( our previous chairperson and trustee) and I were visiting together for the very first time together.  Lisa is the reason I ever became involved in the Hope Centre..... Some 12 years ago, we've been trustees of LIAWN together, run marathons together, you name it, we've done it.... All in the name of love !  We are passionate about this place and these kids and visiting together just so special.  We agreed to meet at the centre early one morning and were like excited children as we stood outside of the centre.  We walked in, bumping into Eric ( the head of the school) and Lynette ( teaches at the school), before going upstairs to see Gail.  Isobel, Val and Jean were upstairs too, and it felt like a family reunion.  We all came together for coffee and chatted and laughed about what the kids are up to, the lovely and funny stories that happen daily at the centre.  There are two American volunteers at the centre at the moment, and they brought the "bunnies" ( the pre school kids) in to see us.  These little ones are just the cutest, Lisa and I were straight in there for cuddles, and we were treated to a "show" of some songs they had been learning.  It wasn't long before some of the older kids heard there were " visitors" in the building , and we soon had lots of little faces peering around the door. Lisa and I were so excited placing names to the faces, some of these kids we have known since they were babies and toddlers, and they are now 8-13, it's is such a joy to be here with Lisa, to be connecting with the incredible women who run the centre, and to catch up with the kids.   Until next time - Bev x  

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