What is love?

It seems the more you learn about what is love, the less don’t know it at all. And spend your entire life trying to understand it, then spending another half of your life trying not to understand it again. The truth is, love can mean so much different to each person. Love can be described in many different ways and so many different times as well.

So what is love makes you feel? Well, let’s start with the basics. Oxytocin is found throughout the body and the brain and is produced during interaction with others, giving us a feeling of being loved. Oxytocin is one of the bonding chemicals within us that makes us feel safe and cared for, and when there is enough oxytocin in the system, we feel truly loved.

Another chemical that is produced during brain development and life experience is that of dopamine. Dopamine is also part of the oxytocin system and gives us a sense of self-esteem, security, and success. However, the sensation of “love” is two fold. On one hand, we experience love and become attached because of the shared experience, and on the other hand, we experience this love as a result of wanting to return to that feeling of security and success to our partner. When we are in a relationship, we are sharing ourselves, our thoughts, and feelings with our partners, and this creates a chemistry that creates a feeling of “true love.”

However, this chemistry can also come in a variety of types. Most of us have some degree of lust. That is why we find ourselves attracted to others even when they aren’t “our” soul mates. While this may be fine for a short period of time, we need to remember that lust and relationships do not make a good match. If you want to find your true love and make a long term relationship, then you need to focus on feelings, not lust. You can still fall in love with someone, but the feelings will be stronger if you also consider things like compatibility, similarities, common interests, and values.

When we are in a relationship, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of attraction. If you believe in love when you are falling in love with another person, then you may only see fit to spend time with that person, have sex with them, and perhaps keep them as your lover or a best friend. However, if you don’t choose to have these types of relationships, then you will likely miss out on finding true happiness in your life.

While having a close relationship with another person is important, this is not where you should stop your search. If you feel an intense amount of attraction for someone, but are unsure if this relationship is meant to be serious or not, then you may simply be using your hormones to make this connection. Your hormones are designed to be strong in situations that call for them, but they will do a number on your brain if you use them for every little thing in your life.

What is love then? Love is not a feeling that you get from another person, but a deep inner belief that allow you to be open and sharing with another person in a trustworthy, respectful, nurturing, and mutually caring relationship. This type of relationship is one in which you trust that your feelings and thoughts are genuine and based in reality. It does not matter what the situation is, your feelings will always be authentic.

If you want to learn what is love, you have to first understand what drives your instincts and how to react to these feelings. These feelings originate in your heart and brain and are driven by instinct. Your heart is connected to feelings, dreams, and values, while your brain connects to your senses and instinct. Your instincts tell you that you should feel something, and your brain translates this feeling into an action.